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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.0
The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer basic 2.0, or ISA, is a Bible and concordance search tool and database software program. It enables those who understand the English language to examine and read the original Old and New testaments of the Holy Bible which were originally written in Hebrew – The Old, and Greek – The New, and provides without knowing these two languages, by providing them with a program that has trans-formed both testaments to consistent etymological and idiomatic English equivalents.
Users are presented with an interface that features transparently organized database structures to make sure all renderings of a Greek word are instantly visible to them. The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer basic 2.0 features 9 interlinear levels, parallel translation/notes columns and notes linked to ‘verse’, number and ‘Strong’s number’. Databases included within the program are the WHNA (Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament), with sublinears, and for Hebrew, the WLC (Westminster Leningrad Codex), which includes the few passages of the Old Testament that were written in Chaldee/Aramaic. Those passages are tagged with a small bracketed (A) for readers’ information.

Because the ISA program transcripts the originals of the testaments, the transcriptions of both testaments come from the language it was written in, therefore, the New Testament is in what’s known as ‘first century’ Greek, not classical. A form of this called KOINH (koinE), was commonly spoken all over the known world and the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into it, and it became the language of the people of Palestine. The entire New Testament in identical form is included in this program to provide readers the original facts in the New Testament scriptures so that they may discover and explore them for themselves. The ISA program uses as its Hebrew database text, the WLC as explained earlier, as this is considered the oldest dated manuscript of the complete Hebrew Bible and it is presented by the program in its entirety. The program’s feature of the Concordant View demonstrates the relationships between Greek/Hebrew words and sub linear renderings. Closing the gap between translations and the original Bible, the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer basic 2.0 ensures that those interested are presented with the original facts in the scriptures by making them accessible.


  • A phenomenal work for free.


  • Interface quite complex.

Publisher's description

ISA (Interlinear Scripture Analyzer) is an Interlinear Bible and Concordance Search tool.
Etymological and idiomatic sublinears are closing the gap between translations and the original Bible text. ISA is designed to be dynamic and transparent, hereby enhancing objectivity. ISA has unique functions to present the interlinear renderings in a concise, systematic way and showing the connection between them. This will greatly improve word studies. Even possible errors in any of the databases are easily detected by this method.

Latest comments

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    Delfin Benjamin Espejo Last year

    I try to download it using my Android (Jellybean) device and I get errors

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    MAP 3 years ago
    — Rescued by the blood of my King CALIFORNIA -- USA
    Pros: Scripture searches and analysis that would have taken months and years can be searched instantly and reviewed in one seating.
    Cons: Too bad it's been kept a secret

    An incredibly well done piece of software that one would expect to be valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars and one would also expect it to be only available to those in the most arcane scholarly Biblical circles. Instead it is a masterpiece of freeware available to anyone who downloads it to their computer. I that brings with it a pristine and crystal clear knowledge and understanding of what is really said in the word of God.
    You no longer need a stack of translations and reference books, or have need to review a myriad of footnotes and commentaries since you can search a verse and then search any word you want to have a deeper understanding of the written work. I searched Genesis 1, verse 2: "...and the spirit of God moved over the waters" (AV). In Spanish Reina Valera it also says "moved", but in the NIV it says "hovered" (a word that may have not been in use a hundred years ago. An interlinear search took me to an OT verse that spoke of a verse and translated the word as "fluttered". This was a new angle of understanding. I have since visited many verses and and I have been able to mend many split hair ends for a personal deeper understanding of God's written word.
    Subjects like Creation, the OT presence of Christ, can be clearly revisited and clearly understood. In a note signed T.W. and attributed to William Tyndale enprisonment, he says he is always cold, has a runny nose and issues with his bowels, yet the dedicated Oxford scholar only petitions the letter's recipient for a coat and for his Hebrew dictionary that the work of his translation of the scriptures into the English language may be completed.
    My salvation was founded on my King laying down his life for me, my English Bible is the one that one my King's servants paid for with his very life. When he was burned publicly, Tyndale is recorded as yelling out: "God -- open the eyes of the King of England !!!" The 400th anniversary of the answer to that petition will be celebrated in May 2011. This interlinear program is a work as important to Christendom as the KJV has been - I encourage all to use again and again until you graduate from this life into the next.

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    vladuna 5 years ago

    Excellent program for serious Bible student and on top of that FREEWARE!

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